Lost Lake – A review

March 24, 2014

Hi there! Thanks for visiting today. You can subscribe to my RSS feed so you can keep up with my shenanigans. See you soon! Our blankets twist around me as I flip for the fifty-seventh time, trying to find a comfortable spot on our comfortable bed. I’m working on clearing my head during runs, but […]

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Finding fearless

March 21, 2014

Puddles impede our walks to school now. With one of each of their hands in mine, I try not to think about the coffee mug I wish I could carry with me, because I know they won’t always want to slide our fingers together as we walk. We stay near the curb, and she tries […]

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Saying goodnight to sleep issues

March 19, 2014

Putting my babies to sleep used to be fraught with a combination of hope and resignation. Sleep issues meant the peaceful tranquility of bedtime would only last for a short time before the first of who-knew-how-many wakings would begin. Now things are different. They pull on their own pajamas and brush their own teeth. We […]

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To Live Forever – A review

March 17, 2014

I slam and lock doors, tuck myself into closets, and press desperately against the back wall for a Narnia-like passage to somewhere else. I climb ladders and kick them away from crawl spaces and gauge the softness of the ground under windows. And still I’m pursued. I don’t always remember my dreams, but I know […]

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Run or Dye is coming to Detroit

March 14, 2014

I’m working on quieting my mind while I run. For years I’ve prided myself on the way my runs were a chance to multi-task, at least mentally. I ran and developed plot lines. I ran and created to-do lists. I ran and mentally shopped for the house, packed for the move, worried about the kids, […]

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Sick days and shoes

March 12, 2014

We’ve been sick, the four of us. We canceled plans this weekend and called in sick to school on Monday, and I wondered, desperately, what I could possibly cook for the kids that wouldn’t require me to smell anything offensive. Sick days are never fun, especially stomach issues and colds and stuffy noses and “please […]

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Ignoring the snow

March 5, 2014

Getting ready to go into the cold still takes minutes that seem like hours. We pull on hats and boots and wonder why, with seven billion gloves in the giant bin currently housing the winter things, we can’t find something to keep our hands warm. But for a few minutes, if you sit at my […]

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Inside the writing process

March 3, 2014

Cameron Garriepy is my friend, my editorial partner-in-crime, and the driving force behind Bannerwing Books. She’s a fabulous wordsmith, and when she invited me to participate in an author tour I said yes. And then cried. But that’s ok. The little blog jaunt involves writers sharing a bit about the process that transmits their ideas […]

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Jennifer Asks Away

February 28, 2014

Ask Away Friday is hosted by Penny of The Real Housewife Of Caroline Country and Amber from Bold Fab Mom. Typically for Ask Away Friday, bloggers pair up, swap 10 questions, and answer them on their blogs. It’s such a great way to get to know someone better. This week I’m playing #AAF with Jennifer from Jennifer P. Williams. […]

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Escaping the cold

February 26, 2014

Reading on a duck. It’s a thing, right? Talking about the winter that won’t end doesn’t seem to be convincing Mother Nature to warm up things, so I’m trying to embrace the cold in my own way. That lasted for about eleven minutes before I discovered that my best type of cold-embracing involves pushing it […]

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