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Invisalign Straight Talk on Straight Teeth

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Invisalign. All opinions are my own. No matter how much she "wiggles" her bottom teeth, Abbey's baby teeth are still firmly in place. Always interested in things that I think should be years away, she asked about braces the other day. I answered yes, I'd had them when I [...]

The Super Run makes running fun

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Hot and sticky from lake water and lingering sunshine, we sat in the shade of concession stand umbrellas before tackling the climbing of the Warren Dunes. The kids were determined to run all the way up — for about eleven yards, where they realized steepness and sand aren't as easily tackled as they'd anticipated. By [...]

Dress Shopping Made Simple

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dress First. All opinions are my own. My scarf is keeping my neck cozy, though the kids keep insisting they don't need to wear coats yet — despite the temperatures dipping lower and lower each morning. They wear them, of course, even with stomping feet, and I know that [...]

Miles to Go

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Robert Frost spoke of "miles to go before I sleep," and we have a few miles to go, but for the first time since Abbey was born, I'm beginning to think sleep might start gracing our lives again. Both kids have been sleeping better since Dylan's sleeping bag trial in Abbey's room, and we're ready [...]