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A tale of two videos

My incredible friend and LTYM partner, Angela, made a video to introduce our third season of Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit. Can you believe we’re on our third season? I swear, it’s like a child, where you can’t believe how quickly the years go by but also can’t really remember your life without it.

You should watch her video. I can do lots of things in life, but video isn’t one of them. Angela really brings the magic of LTYM to life in just a few minutes.

My second favorite video right now has a lot more literal sparkles — though LTYM is filled with the kind of light and sparkle that really counts.

I don’t know if it’s because I first listened to her at the exact perfect time in my life, but Missy Elliott feels like coming home to me — if your home is a dance party, which all homes should be.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

LTYM Magic — 41 Cities

LTYM announcementHe brings home superhero books from the library almost every week, and I find myself learning the lore along with him. I know the basics of the big guys, of course, like Superman and Batman, though my preference slides more toward the darkness of Christoper Nolan’s versions than the brightly colored cartoons that come home in Dylan’s beginning readers.

She brought a post it and her new copy of Charlotte’s Web with her when we went to vote, tucking her finger between the pages instead of leaving it in the car. Her attention waxes and wanes with her books, and I wonder if she gets it from me, the picking up and putting down and living inside more than one story at once.

Watching them become readers marvels me, immersing themselves in stories.

Listen to Your Mother is ramping up the 2016 season, and Angela and I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring the show back to Metro Detroit. We’ve chatted about goals and aims, and the things we want to do differently, and what we never want to change.

40 other cities will bring LTYM to their communities this year — 33 returning cities and eight new ones, including our first ever Canadian show. Storytelling is a force, words, stories, and threads of connection seeping through cities and leaving echoes of: “me, too,” in their wake.

Check out the 2016 announcement video, and make plans to participate in a LTYM show if you can. Whether you’re planning to audition — you should! — or to be a part of the audience, we are so excited to welcome you into the LTYM fold.


NaBloPoMo November 2015

LTYM videos are here!

Listen To Your Mother Videos
When I was moving everything on our second floor to our first floor this week — a super fun task that results in a house of chaos, by the way — I sat next to my nightstand for a few minutes. On a floor already covered in renovation dust, I flipped through this book. It lives next to my bed, though there are days and maybe weeks that I let it rest without reading through it again.

But this week I paged through the stories, and I let myself get lost in the magic of Listen To Your Mother.

Today, you can get lost in the same stories. The LTYM videos are here, which means over 450 new stories in the LTYM archives.

Get lost in the stories from Metro Detroit.

I’d love for you to start with mine.


NaBloPoMo July 2015

Five things

  • favorite thingsAll about Harry Potter — They ask for chapters in the morning, as I scramble to make breakfasts and lunches and read with the book propped open with my desperately needed coffee. Dylan makes wands from, well, anything, shouting “expelliarmus,” while Abbey directs their play in a frighteningly accurate depiction of Hermione at her bossiest. The last time we tried the books, we stopped half-way through The Chamber of Secrets, uncomfortable with some of the scarier bits. This time, we’re barreling through, though I’m almost positive we’ll stop at the end of The Prisoner of Azkaban, at least for now. I worried about the dementors, but the kids seemed pragmatic about them — and fairly impressed that chocolate could be a legitimate recovery tool.
  • LTYM re-entry — I still haven’t put this year’s Listen To Your Mother experience into words. My heart grew a few sizes this season. I thought I understood the impact the show could have, but this year I felt the connection to the community in a more visceral way, and the storytelling aspect of the show inspired me to really think about where I want to be, professionally, in the future. My new Saint Andrew’s Hall hat is a reminder that I’m a part of something amazing — and that I need to keep moving forward.
  • Grapefruit anything — I cannot get enough grapefruit right now. La Croix sparkling water, grapefruit flavored? Love. Grapefruit segments? Love. Grapefruit candle? Love. Grapefruit Shandy? Love. That one you might want to try at your own risk. My dad might have told my mom, “I don’t care if they’re giving that away free, please don’t bring it into the house.” Fruity and light, it’s like having a beer on the beach, even if you’re at your kitchen table with the rain beating on the roof and threatening to drop the temperature by twenty degrees.
  • Twin Peaks — Ryan and I rarely agree on what to watch on TV, but we’re devouring Twin Peaks, courtesy of Netflix. I know, we’re really on the cutting edge of entertainment trends.
  • Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm — A general favorite for its smooth, shiny gloss, I’m using this constantly right now. Anxiety makes me pick and tear my cuticles to raw little shreds, and this relieves the ache a little. (Believe me, I would stop picking at my fingers if I could… it’s like I just think I can smooth the rough edges away and start anew, like so many other metaphors in my life. But until then? Lip balm that doubles as a skin soother.)

What’s your current favorite thing?

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