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Five things

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The light is shifting. Even with "spring forward" almost a week away, the sun is setting a little later, and daylight comes sooner. A pale yellow glow lights the sky where it's been painted gray for months. I could be imagining these bitty promises of spring, but I'm choosing to believe them instead. I'm choosing [...]

A Weekend with Froggy

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I went to preschool in the early 80s, when teachers thought it was a good idea to send class pets home with parents and preschoolers. My poor mother has never been a pet person, and I'm sure she dreaded those days. Thinking about trying to fit pet care into our days makes me break out into a [...]

Five Things

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Snow closed school on Monday and Tuesday, leaving us with the long days filled with makeshift activities and stretched screen limits. Snow days won't always be like this. We'll scatter to different rooms, falling into individual pursuits, and these days when I wonder how they can continuously talk and sing on top of each other might seem [...]

6 Words

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We've been building a lot of LEGO lately. I have two types of LEGO builders, and this smiling little guy is an un-builder and re-builder. He loves his The LEGO Movie sets so much — building, breaking down, and rebuilding. He's asking for my help less and less, even with the complicated sets. As if [...]

The magical nature of five

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Thank you, sweet boy, for not holding it against me that your birthday letter is a week late. Dear Dylan, You asked for frosted sugar cookies, shaped like a bear, and covered in chocolate instead of my go-to vanilla icing. The cookies cooled during bedtime, when you lounged on the rug with your favorite person [...]

The day I found a leaf

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I picked it up on the way home from school one morning. Burnt orange was just beginning to trace its way inward, the shape intact, despite the many feet that had walked the same path where it lay. I carried it between my thumb and forefinger, coffee mug in my other hand. The coffee would [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

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I take photos all the time. A certain (much beloved) daughter broke my actual camera, so I take them with my phone until I decide how and with what to replace the broken one. I click and upload to the computer, and I wish I had the time to write down stories to go with [...]


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My nightstand is a jumble of treasures. I toss my jewelry there before bed, when I don't remember I'm wearing it until I'm too tired to take seven steps to the closet. A water bottle is a constant, because I've tried using cups, and I spill them. Coloring pages, hair ties, and bobby pins scatter [...]

Turn around

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Even before the snow fell this week, I'd been feeling overwhelmed. My impatience, always lurking in the background, snapped and crackled at anyone in its way. My planner has been sitting, open, in the office, and things are being highlighted. My sense of unease, for once, wasn't particularly connected to having too many things to [...]

Five random things

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Five random things, huh? You can blame Angela for this one (no, I'm not talking to myself... the other Angela.) 1. Artificial sweeteners... I just can't quit you. I have given up diet soda a million times and have crawled back, begging for forgiveness, a million and one. I know it is doing things to my insides [...]