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Turn around

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Even before the snow fell this week, I'd been feeling overwhelmed. My impatience, always lurking in the background, snapped and crackled at anyone in its way. My planner has been sitting, open, in the office, and things are being highlighted. My sense of unease, for once, wasn't particularly connected to having too many things to [...]

Five random things

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Five random things, huh? You can blame Angela for this one (no, I'm not talking to myself... the other Angela.) 1. Artificial sweeteners... I just can't quit you. I have given up diet soda a million times and have crawled back, begging for forgiveness, a million and one. I know it is doing things to my insides [...]

Trick or treat, squirrel style

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He scurried back to his tree the first time we caught him, though we were on the other side of glass windows and just wanted to see the little guy nibbling away at the pie pumpkins still on display from Halloween. By now, he's comfortable enough with us that he calmly goes about his business while we crouch [...]

Joy in spinning

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I told them rides made me sick. I was one of the chaperones for the eighth grade field trip, and in that too-soon-to-tell stage of pregnancy. I had tried to maneuver out of the responsibility. I rarely spent so much time away from Abbey, and wandering an amusement park without riding the rides sounded like [...]

When quiet is loud

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My sweet boy, You wore your backpack for almost forty minutes before we had to leave, and even with photos on the porch and double-checked car seat buckles, we were early. Earlier, you shrugged off the shirt I chose and pulled on an old favorite in your beloved green, and I let you wear it [...]


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Mopping wasn't in my plans, but a storm of home improvement dust coated the surface of the tiles. A bucket and mop would take the place of whatever I'd expected to be doing for the next thirty minutes. Unplanned for cleaning left me a bit grumpy, but I paused. Steam intensified the scent in the [...]

Take a seat – LTYM videos are here!

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Bedtime was already ticking past its expiration. Three rousing games of Zingo — red card, then green card, then red again — and a patience-straining room pick up meant the sun was beginning to dip toward the horizon. Still, we read. Stories are a balm in our days. They soothe our bad moods and calm [...]

Sleepy but happy

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I rushed into The Great Lakes Coffee Company for the first time when we were working on Listen to Your Mother. Our second day of auditions took place there. I was running late in the way I tend to be when juggling child-free scheduling — not exactly late but sliding into where I need to [...]

Summer break

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Abbey's last day was Thursday, and Dylan's been done since the end of May, but today finally feels like the start of our summer vacation. Our break is shiny and new today, and everyone is excited about reading logs and barbecues and having to join me at the grocery store for the seventh time because [...]


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The weekend was the kind of busy that will likely creep into our lives more and more as the kids get older. Social commitments and extracurricular activities and choices about what to do when overlapping times became impossible to share. By Monday, we were all exhausted. The alarm rang, I'm sure. I reached to turn [...]