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100 Word challenge: Forgetful

flash fiction

I depended on planners and deadline, while she flitted between tasks, laughing that lists made her even more forgetful. It worked until our boss asked her to book an urgent flight one evening, and she got distracted by booking herself a manicure during lunch. I penciled mine into my calendar and tagged along. She stayed to get a pedicure, our boss at the airport without a reservation, the flight booked to bursting. She never came back. My gentle pink polish mocked me until it chipped and left me wondering what it might be like to paint daisies on my toes.

(This piece is in response to the 100 Word Challenge. Visit to learn more about the challenge and see other responses to this week’s word “forgetful”.)

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100 Word Challenge: Sing

100 word challenge

apparently I live with rockstars

Her back tightened as she laced up her shoes, but she pulled them taut just the same. She ran. Pushing through soupy air, she welcomed the sweat, the labored breathing, the chance to stare down her doubts. Two feet beat a staccato against the pavement, two fists swung in time with the blood pulsing in her ears. Other runners passed her. A smile or a lifted hand acknowledged their shared path. Music played in her ears, a stream of artists singing their stories to life. She quickened her pace until her lungs screamed louder than the thoughts in her head.

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100 Word Challenge: Common

She leaned against Jack’s knee and ran her fingers over the legs of the couch. The intricate carving on the clawed feet roughed her fingers, and she sought out the sleek lines of her modern picks. Jack laughed for days at what she’d spent on the Wegner chair she’d snagged at an auction. He’d dragged his mother’s antique chaise into their living room as contrast, and neither of them could bear to let go of the effervescent inside joke. They’d begun with nothing in common but laughter, and they sank into that more often than either piece of furniture anyway.

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Better or Worse – 100 Word Challenge

100 word challenge

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She cringed each time he grabbed the container. Viscous gold hit toast in swirls, but globs lingered on the counter, impervious to rag swipes. On days her patience waned, she considered leaving them for him to notice, but that strategy hadn’t bridged the daily gap between his socks and the hamper.

With every breath, she knew she loved him for better or worse. Still, she fervently wished the “for worse” didn’t include sticky kitchen counters. In the same moment, she exhaled gratitude for not knowing anything more terrible than kisses of honey fading into the stone pattern on the counter.

(This piece is in response to the 100 Word Challenge. Visit to learn more about the challenge and see other responses to this week’s word “honey”.)

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