Angela Amman


Belief and beginnings

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I ran in the cold today. The sun greeted me as I turned to the East, orange and blinding, cutting through the air without much warmth behind its rays.  Music pulsed in my ears, as it always does, as much a part of my running routine as the shoes I lace onto my feet. I [...]

Finding unexpected power

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I can't count how many times we've carried the condor eggs to the top of the mountain, part of the narrative involved in a yoga DVD both my kids adore. This week, when Dylan asked me to actually do yoga instead of just racing around the house and hiding my inflexibility, I said yes. He [...]

Random bits and pieces

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My brain is tired tonight, the good kind of tired where it feels stretched and worked, reaching into corners that haven't been used in a while. I drafted and drafted and drafted some more yesterday, and while the editing might be brutal, it feels good to see "edit" on my to-do lists instead of scribbled [...]

Stay connected with myCharge

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of myCharge. All opinions and confessions about my attachment to my phone are my own. On days that go the way I planned, I only hit snooze once. Dragging my tired self from bed, I steal out of the house to the gym, settling my water bottle [...]