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Finding unexpected power

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I can't count how many times we've carried the condor eggs to the top of the mountain, part of the narrative involved in a yoga DVD both my kids adore. This week, when Dylan asked me to actually do yoga instead of just racing around the house and hiding my inflexibility, I said yes. He [...]

Random bits and pieces

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My brain is tired tonight, the good kind of tired where it feels stretched and worked, reaching into corners that haven't been used in a while. I drafted and drafted and drafted some more yesterday, and while the editing might be brutal, it feels good to see "edit" on my to-do lists instead of scribbled [...]

Stay connected with myCharge

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of myCharge. All opinions and confessions about my attachment to my phone are my own. On days that go the way I planned, I only hit snooze once. Dragging my tired self from bed, I steal out of the house to the gym, settling my water bottle [...]

Stories and the importance of conversation

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We were fifteen: young enough to need someone’s mom to pick us up at the mall, old enough to know we had to pay for the merchandise shining at us from the shelves. Though none of us had jobs, we all had parents who could — and did — afford to buy our clothes and [...]

Gathering my thoughts

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We sat on the floor and played UNO tonight. This photo isn't from tonight, but the scene has become commonplace this fall, with Abbey at the dance studio two different nights each week and some Sundays. We bring books and UNO and Zingo, and some nights I run out for milk, worrying all the while [...]


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Every once in a while, I scratch out a rough plan for keeping the house spotless. Fine, it's more like a rough plan for keeping the house clean on a rotating basis, rooms cleaned in shifts and an uneasy truce with the laundry that can be ruined by a sick day or a week with more [...]

When hair is just hair

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Her fingers twist my hair into braids, each movement so much more confident than they were even a few weeks ago. She's been practicing on Barbies, on her own pigtails, on my hair when we're reading stories before bed. She reaches for hair bands as the braid tapers to an end, wrapping the band around and around. [...]

Let’s banish the dinner prep microphone

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She picks the pink and purple LEGO pieces, even when building from scratch. She'll dig through a pile of bright, primary colors to find the white and gray pieces that fit best with the color scheme of her LEGO Friends pieces, and she doesn't want to store them in the communal LEGO bin. She loves [...]

Easy fixes

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I washed the last pair of bright green soccer socks weeks ago. He loves the brightness of them, and I love that I can see him in an instant, short legs clad in neon and finally understanding that chasing down the ball is more satisfying than waiting for it to come to you. I ran [...]

Under the weather

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He pushes his toys closer and closer to where I sit, nestling into my side. Both of us are sniffly and coughing, fallout from the leaves littering the ground. He's not interested in the emails I have to answer, and he is fine playing with his toys next to me until he remembers the LEGO [...]