Bedtime was accompanied by a few bonus sparkling smiles tonight. First grade is on the other side of tonight, and one of us is bouncing with excitement because of it. A new backpack hangs on her doorknob, empty but for a summer reading journal. Her only worry about tomorrow — for tonight, at least — [...]

Thunder rumbles in the background, though we're bathed in sunlight. I vaguely consider moving my chair into the shade, my freckled skin never comfortable in direct sunshine, no matter how much I crave the heat. I can hear him playing only five feet from me, shadowed behind the screened door. Pirates are coming to life [...]

Her hair gleams in the light, sun pulling strands of lighter honey through the darkening curtain framing her face. Photos show paler hair framing her face, but through every shade darkening year, I think of how perfectly it suits her. On days she doesn't insist on brushing it herself, I'm able to unsnarl and shine it [...]

The polar vortex came to visit Tuesday, at least I think that's what all of the weather people mean. All I know is I'm wearing a sweater right now; the blast of cold air when I left the gym this morning cooled me down and woke me up more than my run. The air doesn't [...]

Venturing from our back deck to under the crabapple tree still seems like something they need permission to do, and I let them ask every time they want to wander out of eyesight. I can hear them when the kitchen windows are open, voices mingling together in a familiar lilting hum blending together sibling conversations [...]

Rain pelted the ground today. After yesterday's glimpse into summer's humidity, the breeze accompanying the downpour should've felt refreshing. It just felt cold — heavy and cold. I didn't intend to write about Maya Angelou's death, at least not tonight. Scrawled notes about productive ways to spend my evening work time were abandoned in the [...]

The weekend was the kind of busy that will likely creep into our lives more and more as the kids get older. Social commitments and extracurricular activities and choices about what to do when overlapping times became impossible to share. By Monday, we were all exhausted. The alarm rang, I'm sure. I reached to turn [...]

Even when they try, their swinging doesn't synchronize. Her legs pump, her arms pull, with a fluidity he hasn't yet learned. Their rhythm ebbs and flows, back and forth, meeting somewhere between the highs and lows. Just like that, the curtain closed on Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit, 2014. I've wrapped my hopes and [...]

I had to scrape snow and ice from my car this week. Tile installation coincided with the season's final — yes, I'm daring to say final — snowfall, and my car has been in the driveway for days. My hands chapped in minutes, my gloves tucked away in some corner of the house I couldn't [...]

Cars lined the street leading to the brick entrance. Cars snaked in a non-moving line towards the parking garage. Cars crawled through the parking lot, waiting for tired legs to pick a car on their way out of the zoo. We went anyway. Before we moved, our zoo was minutes away. The kids barely had [...]