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Books don't spring forth, complete, from a void. Their origins seed from our experiences, the stories of the people touching our lives, places and triumphs and hurts that twist themselves into words on pages. Those words, those pages are polished and rearranged and packaged together into packages that place a little bit of ourselves into [...]

Rare Bird – A review

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The countdown to school is ticking loudly. Months have dwindled to weeks, and now days are becoming hours. Soon, the house will be quieter, at least for several hours a week. They've become little puppies lately: running, yelling, tumbling together in piggyback-ride-dance-move-cartwheels that inevitably turn to squabbling and elbow throwing and tears. I attempt separation, but [...]

The Last Savanna – A review

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The weather climbed to the mid-thirties today, and the kids started talking about summer. My rain boots were sufficient to keep my feet warm, even sliding across the slushy piles of snow, but I had to warn them to watch their footing. Ice lingered near the crosswalks, masquerading as water. I was reminded of the [...]