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Get the Behavior You Want… – A Review

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I spent the afternoon volunteering at my daughter's school, a fundraiser that focuses on outdoor activity. I spent my hours with one eye on Dylan becoming the dirtiest preschooler in the world in the sandbox and the other on the obstacle course. I cheered and clapped, reminded kids about what to do at each station [...]

Rare Bird – A review

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The countdown to school is ticking loudly. Months have dwindled to weeks, and now days are becoming hours. Soon, the house will be quieter, at least for several hours a week. They've become little puppies lately: running, yelling, tumbling together in piggyback-ride-dance-move-cartwheels that inevitably turn to squabbling and elbow throwing and tears. I attempt separation, but [...]

The Last Savanna – A review

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The weather climbed to the mid-thirties today, and the kids started talking about summer. My rain boots were sufficient to keep my feet warm, even sliding across the slushy piles of snow, but I had to warn them to watch their footing. Ice lingered near the crosswalks, masquerading as water. I was reminded of the [...]

Love Water Memory – A Review

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I used to have the kind of memory that made spelling tests a cinch and memorizing the periodic table something to be done with a small stack of index cards and a free afternoon. Things aren't always so crystalized in my mind anymore, but, like most people, I have moments in my life I wish [...]

Hands Free Mama – A Review

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Snow fell throughout the day, blanketing the ground with glittery whiteness. I could feel my tires fighting for traction on the way to the gym, and I wondered when the plows would clear the roads. Abbey and Dylan relished the snow and played until their cheeks burned and noses ran, and still flakes swirled to [...]

The Girl You Left Behind – A Review

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Modern architecture fascinates me — lines and space and light all neatly arranged in a marriage of function and aesthetics. Would I feel more organized in such a home? Less encumbered? Or would I just feel cold? In Jojo Moyes's The Girl You Left Behind, Liv Halston lives in such a home: a concrete and [...]

The Perfume Collector – A Review

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Each morning, he is surprised by the dew on the grass, the way it dampens the rainboots he wears anytime he chooses his own shoes. I hold his hand and explain the way the fresh teardrops of dew will hug the slim blades each morning until frost arrives. His hand is small in mine as [...]

The Husband’s Secret – A Review

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Secrets. Everyone has one or two or seventeen tucked away, though most of ours aren't as monumental as the one Cecilia Fitzpatrick discovers in The Husband's Secret. Liane Moriarty has a gift of introducing a cast of characters twisted together in unexpected ways without making the reader feel manipulated or contrived, much like she did [...]

Love Gone Mad – A Review

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Love Gone Mad was at the top of my reading pile one Thursday in July when I was able to take Abbey to gymnastics class by myself. I started it with one eye on her class, found myself engrossed after a chapter, read through dinner, and finished it while Ryan gave the kids a bath. [...]