Angela Amman

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls – A review

  Witches hold a strange sort of power in stories. I can remember playing The Wizard of Oz with my friends when we were kids, taking turns being Glinda, because she had the prettiest costume. Abbey's Halloween costume this year was the Wicked Witch, but she was more interested in the oversized shoulder pads and [...]

The Interestings – A review

For a brief period in college, I obsessively looked at applications to be a counselor at a sleep away camp. After having a rollicking good time for two summers as a day camp counselor, I wanted to take the job up a notch. Deterred by bugs and logistics, I took a job at The Gap [...]

After I Do – A review

Who knew extra-curricular decisions for six and four year olds could be complicated? (Well, fine, all parents of older children who have warned me about it, but… ) The circular thoughts about over-scheduling and what we think they should do versus what they've shown an interest in doing and what about when they've shown an [...]

Suzanne Davis Gets a Life – A review

Abbey has determined that when she becomes an adult she will be a veterinarian. Also, she wants to add ballerina, artist, writer, pediatrician, and lifeguard to that list, depending on her mood when you ask her. Though that seems like a lot, it might be more manageable with her proposed living arrangement, which is to [...]

A Good Year for the Roses – A review

Molly Taylor curses in her head — rather frequently, in fact. Often, those exasperated sighs are directed at a bit of ridiculous imagined by one or more of her three sons, particularly once the four of them take up residence with her eccentric Uncle Bertie. Uncle Bertie is a retired Admiral in the British Navy [...]

Hannah, Delivered – A review

Neither of my deliveries went the way I planned. I've written about them, cried about them, reflected on them, and in the end I find myself in a place of gratitude for how each of them ended. I know, though, not all women feel the same way after falling down the rabbit hole of hospital [...]

That Night – A review

His eyes twinkle before he delivers a punchline, even the ones he doesn't fully grasp. Jokes are currency in our house lately, peppering dinner table conversation and distracting kids when they're toeing the line between afternoon and melt-down. Only recently did Dylan begin to understand not every joke began with a "Knock, knock," — even [...]

The Shadow Year – A review

Abbey's kindergarten year is petering to a close. These last few weeks seem to drag like an anchor through water, trying to catch hold of summer break. She's too little to be done with kindergarten — in some ways I feel like the year passed in fast forward, but these last days are never-ending. Dylan's [...]

Jaspar’s War – A review

Monsters hid under my bed when I was a child. I'd swing my feet onto the cool metal bar that surrounded the box spring before catapulting to the floor at least a foot from my bed. It sat high above the ground — I knew I could fit under there with a flashlight to read, [...]

No Alligators in Sight – A review

Eight days. Abbey has eight days of kindergarten left, and it's mind-boggling that she's suddenly going to be in first grade. Our routine won't change all that much next year — first graders line up right next to the kindergartners before school, so our line location doesn't even change. Something about the number "1" instead [...]