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Dear Abbey, We started the day with birthday waffles, piling sweet bits of chocolate and sprinkles and whipped cream onto waffles that soon resemble morning cake more than breakfast. My photos blur again and again. I need a new camera, true, but you're animated and silly and utterly you when you're home with us. Later, [...]

Holiday Detour – The conclusion

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Continued from Part Eleven — or start at the very beginning with Part One. Thank you for your patience this year! Margot spread her hands on the table in front of her, eyes resting on her wedding with a goofy grin that wouldn’t leave her face. Vance followed her eyes and traced the band with his finger. [...]

Elemental Awakening – A review

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Writing groups can be funny things. I chat with mine daily, and that means ideas get tossed around, drafted, tightened, fretted over, and fawned over. And sometimes those ideas grow into something more than a story in our minds. Elemental Awakening came to life at the hands of Mandy Dawson, and I loved reading the [...]

Holiday Detour – Part 11

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Continued from Part 10 — or start at the very beginning with Part One! Margot’s gut twisted at Vance’s exasperation. Ever since she’d seen his eyes, she hadn’t been able to keep up with her conflicting emotions, let alone the way his mood had bounced all over the place. His hands had warmed hers when he’d grabbed [...]