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Contemplating kindergarten at Today

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Sometimes he enlists me to be his "piece finder," a role where he steadily explains or points out the pieces he needs. I find it soothing, some days, to sit near him, sorting LEGO pieces into colors and letting them slide through my fingers until I find what he seeks. Other days tasks await me [...]

Ant-Man and me

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Superhero movies aren't always my thing. Some of them wind their way into my internal "movies I'd watch again" list, some I forget fairly soon, and others I never see in the first place. When Disney announced they'd be screening Ant-Man on the Thursday I arrived in New York for BlogHer, I have to admit [...]

5 Things to read

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"I'm still going up and down!" he exclaimed today, a few minutes after walking away from the carousal at the zoo. This photo is actually a different carousal, taken last Thursday, but the feeling is the same. Up and down, around and around, and even when the whirlwind stops, I still need a few minutes [...]

The first of many odes to New York

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Our clothes rest in piles around us, dresser drawers in stacks, our bed on the living room floor. Tomorrow I can finally begin moving things back upstairs, and I'm hoping the smell of polyurethane wafts out the open windows soon. The refinished floors gleam, but the chaos surrounding the work and the concurrent work on [...]