Gratitude and uncertainty

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I used to drive to holiday celebrations with my phone in my lap. A minute, sometimes two, after we were scheduled to arrive, it would ring. My dad would be on the other end, gauging our progress—always close, never there quite on time—and making sure everyone was safe. We don't have to drive with the [...]

Peregrine Island – A review

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Tangled family relationships are the beating heart of Peregrine Island, a novel by Diane B. Saxton, meaning I readily dove into the book. The haunting tale about a piece of art that has the potential to bring an estranged family together — if it doesn't first divide them beyond repair. The story unfolds from three [...]


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I drive down the same few streets most days, the kind of routes my car could likely make on its own, where I'm more attuned to what's flooding my speakers or what the kids are saying from behind my seat. The leaves began turning a little while ago, reminding me each time I see another [...]