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Decorating the tree

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The ornaments clump together, and I suspect I will move some of them between now and Christmas. Some are facing the wrong direction, and others are obscured by fellow ornaments crowded near each other on branches. I will straighten and balance and maybe bring some of my favorites to the front. But I won't move them [...]

Frozen fingers and toes

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10 super cold toes, one not-so-great photo of a scoreboard, and 55 glorious points made for an amazing day at Spartan Stadium. The beauty of the campus strikes me each time I'm back, especially when it's been a while between visits. I'm half frozen, but for a Michigan State football game that finished in the [...]

Why we all need to clean the playroom

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I'm limping toward the end of NaBloPoMo. I missed a day, and I don't feel bad about that, but I'm determined to post the rest of the month. Some days I don't make the kids pick up the playroom at the end of the night or before we leave the house. Like so many other [...]


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The day, like so many lately, was packed with commitments. I didn't know if we'd make it to Lagniappe, which is a fancy way of saying the turning on of the Big, Bright Light Show in our little city. (By definition, it's something given as an extra little gift, but the light show is beautiful [...]