Sweet Pease – A review

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Sweet Pease bursts at the seams with characters Iā€™d love to know ā€” or maybe even be. A visiting English professor whose focus on his novels sometimes leads him to say the wrong thing and a sassy pastry chef who dishes out advice while putting together snacks for her friends collide in Sweet Pease, but […] Read More

The Thing with Feathers – A review

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I shouldn't be reading. It's true. We went away for a single night, and the house is in shambles after a Tuesday night Halloween. The kids assert Halloween should always be on a Friday or Saturday, and I kind of agree, unless of course the day after can be declared a holiday. So, I should […] Read More

Happy Dreams – A review

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In Happy Dreams (authored by Jia Pingwa and translated by Nicky Harman) Happy Liu leaves his rural Chinese town for the city of Xi'an, where he believes he may find love ā€” and the recipient of his donated kidney. Happy bestows his name upon himself, willing a state of perpetual happiness into existence with his […] Read More