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Five things

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Naked Basics from Urban Decay is my new morning makeup obsession. In a life that never seems to have enough hours for sleep, makeup makes me feel a little more put-together, even if the bags under my eyes don't completely disappear. The simple palette from Urban Decay contains neutral shadows, and only one of them [...]

Experimenting with a #PerfectPlaydate

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The box arrived, and they were immediately interested in the contents. "You're taking it to Grandma's," I reminded them. The promise of a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa added a layer of magic to the box. A late April anniversary combined with an early April spring break for the kids meant Ryan and I were [...]


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Books don't spring forth, complete, from a void. Their origins seed from our experiences, the stories of the people touching our lives, places and triumphs and hurts that twist themselves into words on pages. Those words, those pages are polished and rearranged and packaged together into packages that place a little bit of ourselves into [...]

Belief and beginnings

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I ran in the cold today. The sun greeted me as I turned to the East, orange and blinding, cutting through the air without much warmth behind its rays.  Music pulsed in my ears, as it always does, as much a part of my running routine as the shoes I lace onto my feet. I [...]