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The Girl On the Train – A review

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When a book like Gone Girl tears through book clubs and movie theaters, there will invariably be comparisons to books that have a similar tone or other similarities. The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins has been, and will continue to be, compared to Gillian Flynn's best seller. Similarities abound: infertility, unreliable narrators, a [...]

Glitter and threads of communication

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Keeping in touch shouldn't be hard, but sometimes it is. We forget to send thank you notes — I try extremely hard to make sure that doesn't happen here, but it occasionally falls through the cracks — we mean to respond to a Facebook comment or click on something interesting someone texts us. Starting this [...]

Show and tell – 5 things to read

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Bathing suits are not my favorite. No matter how fit I feel, how much I've been running, or how much I've come to terms with the fact that I am never, ever growing a single inch taller, something about a bathing suit makes all of my body's flaws — real and perceived — seem brighter [...]

I am… Old School Blogging

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I am bursting with dreams and holding too tightly onto fear. I wonder if their hands will always feel like home when clasped around mine. I hear echoes of failure and ticking clocks as I fall asleep. I see glitter on the table and remember not to take life too seriously. I want to be the [...]