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The changing nature of coloring eggs

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We colored eggs for the first time on Abbey's second Easter. On her first, she was barely able to flip from her back to her stomach, and we dressed her in a cuddly bunny onesie and cozy white pants. For this milestone, this coloring of eggs, I dragged her little picnic table into our littler [...]

Walking on Stilts

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Walking on stilts takes practice. I know this not because I attempted to walk on stilts during Abbey's field trip, but because I helped a handful of kids try the tricksy game during their recess time before lunch. The first time I helped Abbey, it was a struggle for both of us. Her little legs [...]

Holding pattern

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Dylan looks at this wall several days each week. He gets impatient when we wait at the dance studio for too long. Most days, we drop off Abbey and run some sort of errand or go home for a little while before picking her up again. He was a baby when she started dancing — [...]