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Sleeping bags and unexpected milestones

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I remember sleepovers with my friends — late nights and giggling and sleeping bags that feel so much cozier in my memories than the last time I tried to sleep in one. The disconnect between my childhood and hers seems vast some days. Our kids are confused as to why we didn't have the exact [...]

Unexpected moments in the morning

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Mornings are not my favorite — even on the best mornings, when my fingers don't fumble for a later alarm and I manage to accomplish a run while still getting all the lunches made. Even the best mornings involve some sort of rushing, sometimes from the kids and sometimes from me, particularly in the winter [...]

In front of the door

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January's been a bit crazy around here. Both Ryan and I are juggling a lot, and he got a little sick, and now I seem to have it. I wish I could say I'm taking it in stride, but I'm struggling to be a rational adult at times. The new year brings out the goal-setter [...]

Sharing a story with VProud

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Friendship between girls can be complicated. I've written about the loss of an important friendship — and I could write about others. Even with all its complications, friendship with girls — and women — can also be a gift. Women friends are fierce and loyal and some of the most treasured people in my life. [...]