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Under the weather

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He pushes his toys closer and closer to where I sit, nestling into my side. Both of us are sniffly and coughing, fallout from the leaves littering the ground. He's not interested in the emails I have to answer, and he is fine playing with his toys next to me until he remembers the LEGO [...]

Precipice is coming

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I was inspired by my sweet, soft, gray Pound Puppy and my mother's absolute insistence that we were not a dog family. Back then, I thought every family should be a dog family, though I've firmly placed myself on her side of the fence as an adult. I voiced my protest through the written word, [...]

The 24th Letter – A review

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Though he prefers his hot dogs without the trappings of a Coney, Dylan would happily eat at Coney Island restaurants at least once a week. Growing up in Michigan, he will learn that there's some version of a Coney Island every couple of miles, and when he's old enough to drink it, he will likely [...]

Bits and pieces

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I coax them out of bed now, but only on school days. They mind autumn's darkness those mornings, as sleepy voices come to life and make choices about breakfasts and snacks for school. Some evenings I pull things together before I tumble into bed, but most nights I run out of time before "make lunches [...]

Painting between the slats

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Ryan has never liked them. Several of the closets in our house are festooned with slatted closet doors. They reek of the 1970s, slick almond paint and ornate handles that hoard their dust and the memories of the lives lived here before ours. During lazy summer days, with an overhead fan whirring, I read piles [...]

Juliet’s Nurse – A Review

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We giggled a little when our teacher explained the bawdier lines in Romeo and Juliet, our junior high selves shocked that someone as hallowed as Shakespeare used dirtier jokes than we did. Those lines come to life when read by people other than ninth graders stumbling over iambic pentameter for the first time, and I [...]

Sisterland – A Review

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  "Mommy?" she asked, exasperated, "Why didn't you just have two girls?" I teased her a bit that a little sister might not be nearly as accommodating as her brother. I don't doubt how much she adores him, but there is a part of me that understands that desire to experience sisterhood. But as Pinkalicious [...]

Martinis and Interviews

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Word association questions always make me feel like I'm in the scene at the beginning of Ghostbusters, where Dr. Peter Venkman is testing people for their paranormal aptitude. Obviously, I love such questions, because who doesn't want to be in an imaginary movie scene with Bill Murray? Also, while looking for the correct spelling of [...]

Get the Behavior You Want… – A Review

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I spent the afternoon volunteering at my daughter's school, a fundraiser that focuses on outdoor activity. I spent my hours with one eye on Dylan becoming the dirtiest preschooler in the world in the sandbox and the other on the obstacle course. I cheered and clapped, reminded kids about what to do at each station [...]


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I've listened to friends brainstorm ideas to keep them organized. Pinterest boards have suggestions, from the utilitarian to the adorably creative, to keep the tiny, colorful blocks from becoming an obstacle course of pain on the playroom floor. Still, until lately, our LEGO collection fit into a single plastic container, tucked on our playroom shelves. (I guess [...]