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Blue and not quite wordless Wednesday

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  We popped the lenses out of blue, plastic sunglasses to make Odd Squad glasses. (Do your kids watch that show? It's goofy and silly, and Abbey and Dylan adore it.) He reads One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish aloud and "in his head," and I'm not sure where the memorization ends and [...]

In his cup holder

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funny things in cup holders

He couldn't wait for cup holders. Dylan's convertible car seat didn't have cup holders, putting him at Abbey's mercy. Some days she was happy to share one of hers with him, though it meant he had to ask for whatever he had her put in there. Many days he had to tuck his bottle into the [...]

Playing pretend

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pretend play

He's waited for her to be done with school since mid-May, though I'd be lying if I said "waited patiently." Practically the moment she emptied her backpack for the last time as a first grader, they began the complicated dance of adoring each other and needing space from each other, often within the same 30-second time [...]


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They won't always pose for these photos, at least not with smiles reaching all the way to their eyes. Someday, they will live in that in between place where first days of school are annoying pauses on their journey to being grown up. They'll believe grown up is a destination, an end point, and not just a [...]