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Changing carousels

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We've done so much this summer, and I've been fairly terrible about documenting all of it. Time feels strange during summer months, stretching and contracting when I least expect it. We keep going on things that go around and around without really getting anywhere, but soon we're stopping, jumping off the carousel,starting a new school [...]

Starts and stops and restarts

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The Detroit Tigers currently sit at four (give or take) games below a 0.500 season, and five (give or take) games back from a Wild Card spot in the Major League baseball playoffs. They lost the one game I attended this season, which doesn't make me feel like I bring bad luck because they've lost [...]

Beat by the heat

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I spent part of the night in Dylan's bottom bunk, trying to find a comfortable spot on a pillow that isn't mine. He crawled into our bed after having a bad dream — again. His racing heart slowed almost immediately as I rubbed his back, and I couldn't bear to shuttle him back to his [...]

Five things to read

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Friday. Since I work at home, Friday shouldn't seem like a big deal, but it does. Not to mention, "work at home" has been theoretical more than actual this summer. I thought I could wing it, and that the kids would be understanding of computer time. I pictured sitting at the kitchen table, me writing, [...]