At Danceteria – A review

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Books that linger the longest are often the ones I have the most difficult time reviewing. I want to do justice to the stories in At Danceteria and Other Stories by Philip Dean Walker, but I'm not sure I can capture the combination of nostalgia, melancholy, and beauty that encapsulate each of the pieces in [...]


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Dear Dylan, Nipping at the heels of Christmas, your birthday sneaks up on us each year. Since you entered the hustle and bustle of elementary school last year, it seems even more stealthy. I take down the Christmas tree, nag you and your sister to put away the holiday gifts still lingering in the living [...]

Living in the village

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I put up my Nan's Christmas village this year, little homes and a winery and lots of people and trees curated on a table. When Nan moved into her senior living apartment, she couldn't set up her village and my sister-in-law and I divided it amongst ourselves at her request. My first attempt at a [...]

Holiday Detour – Part Nine

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Continued from Part Eight — or start at the very beginning with Part One! Margot took a shallow breath and tested the idea in her brain: Vance was here, wandering the terminal, close enough that they could crash into one another like a romantic movie. A deeper breath and she might be able to wrap her head [...]