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Chatting about Multiples Illuminated

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When I was pregnant with Dylan, I distinctly remember thinking about how I'd sync his nap schedule with Abbey's. Her nap schedule basically consisted of working very hard for over an hour to get her to sleep for approximately 30 minutes, but I still clung to the idea of 30 minutes of child-free time a [...]

More than a missed workout

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I turned off my alarm this morning, though my workout clothes were folded and waiting on my dresser. I'd stayed up too late reading — Revival by Stephen King, which may be a decent book but was absolutely not the book I needed to read last night — and I was grumpy at the idea [...]

When kids Konmari

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The bins look neat when they're in the storage unit. If you peek inside, though, they've lost most of the organization I worked so hard to implement when we decided on a wall unit of toy storage the size of a small nation. Each bin now houses a mish mash of toys — some intact [...]

A glimpse at the end of the school year

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When the "Star of the Week" schedule came home at the beginning of the school year, he was appalled he'd have to wait until the end of the year for his turn. I explained that someone had to be last, secretly grateful not to have to hurry to put together a poster while we were [...]