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Some second grade changes

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This weekend — and week, to be honest — was a whirlwind of places we needed to be, things we wanted to do, and a little bit of everything in between. I'm trying to breathe in the quiet moments and mine them for energy during the chaotic ones. This school year has been the most [...]

Remembering the lake

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The calendar tells me it's autumn, though in Michigan, the weather might not necessarily agree. Our fall starts and stops when it comes to temperatures, but the light has been whispering about fall for over a week. Sunlight pushes through the windows in a different way as the days shorten. I already miss the summer [...]

Hands Free Life – A review

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I'm struggling to write my Hands Free Life review — not because I didn't love it or don't think you should read it. I knew I'd adore it before I even cracked the cover, and I believe Rachel Macy Stafford's words will resonate, in some way, for anyone who reads them. I unequivocally recommend Hands [...]

Some nights

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 Thoughts swirl around and end up in notes in the margins of my planner — a new one I adore. I want to sit down for a few minutes and write about the beginning of this school year, the way my house echoes around even the loudest music, until their laughter fills it again. I [...]