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Holiday Detour – Part 11

holiday fiction

Continued from Part 10 — or start at the very beginning with Part One!

Margot’s gut twisted at Vance’s exasperation. Ever since she’d seen his eyes, she hadn’t been able to keep up with her conflicting emotions, let alone the way his mood had bounced all over the place. His hands had warmed hers when he’d grabbed them, just like they had so many times since the first time they’d linked fingers in the chilly Buffalo air.

“I didn’t read through everything,” she said. “I was leaving for the airport by the time I got it, and then I just didn’t feel like dealing with them in public.”

She couldn’t understand why he was smiling.

“Well, could you take a minute and open them now?” he asked. “Maybe I should have done it this way in the first place, waited until we were together.”

“They’re in my bag. My checked bag,” she said.

He laughed. “Of course they are. Since when do you check a…? Never mind. I guess it doesn’t matter.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter?” Margot asked. “I think it matters! Our lives are completely changing.”

“Well, yes,” Vance said. “But not the way you…”

“Margs,” he started again, reaching for her hands. “I didn’t send you divorce papers. I sent you the papers for the sale of the company.”

Margot swore all of the blood in her entire body dropped into her chest and then climbed back into her face. Flaming red with embarrassment, she started to piece together what had happened. How could she have actually believed Vance would send over divorce papers by mail? She would have buried her face into her hands if they weren’t still clasped in her husband’s.

“The sale…” Her voice failed her.

“Yes! I finally found a buyer I thought made sense for us, and I had the papers drawn up as a kind of holiday surprise. You’ll need to sign off, of course, but since you’ve been talking about this for so long, I figured you’d be thrilled.”

“I would be… I am…”

“I also kind of figured you’d open the envelope and not assume I wanted to divorce you,” Vance said.

Margot felt her face get even hotter, though she hadn’t thought that was possible a moment before. “I can’t believe I thought that. Oh God, Vance, are you livid?”

She could see the combination of laughter and relief in his eyes as he pulled her off the chair and into his embrace. He held her face in his hands and kissed her, neither of them caring about the close quarters of the quickly crowding airport bar.

“I’m just still shocked that we could get tangled up in this kind of misunderstanding after everything else we’ve navigated together,” he said. “I mean, we run a pretty successful business.”

“Ran. We ran a very successful business,” she said.

“You haven’t signed anything yet,” he teased.

“I’d sign them right now if they weren’t buried in a plane somewhere,” she said. “Are you sure, though?”

“Of course,” he said, his lips pressing into her hair. “I let them know we’ll be available to consult for six months, but that anything they need from us has to be addressed in New York.”

Margot pressed her forehead against his chest and breathed him in for just a minute before leaning back to look into his face. She could see the certainty in his eyes, and she knew he was at peace with his decision.

“But what are we going to do?” She asked.

“I thought you’d have that planned,” Vance said, laughing.

“Part of me didn’t think you’d ever sell,” Margot admitted. “So I guess I didn’t have much of a plan.”

“Well,” Vance smiled. “I actually have a seed of an idea, but I’m not sure how you’re going to feel about it.”

to be continued

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