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Are Beautiful Bugs Still Bugs?

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
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Theyflit between flowers and float on the wind, their orange and black patternedwings catching your eye in the sun. 

Theirbeauty gives butterflies a distinct advantage on my ‘Insects I’d Invite to Dinner’Pinterest board.   

Comeon over to a belle, a bean, & a chicago dog, where Liz is letting me use hangout and share a story about the butterfly house and the lies I tell my kids. 

Liz is funny and smart and truly has herfinger on the pulse of social media and all of the ways it can be used.  In addition to her personal blog, she alsospends some time at an amazing company she co-founded, Eli Rose Social Media .

Ifyou’re visiting from a belle, a bean, & a chicago dog, welcome!  I’d love it if you looked around a bit.  Feel free to listen in as I write to Abbey onher first day of school, remind myself about what matters, and disagree with (wayahead of me in the writing game) Stephen King.

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