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Field Trip

Every adventure with a toddler is like a field trip, but the Detroit Science Center is a place where actual teachers take their classes!  Colleen and I took the kids to the Science Center this week, and we all had a blast playing with the hands on exhibits.  We spent most of our time in Kids Town (their preschool room,) but our advanced children also had fun exploring the rest of the museum!  Ok, maybe they aren’t especially advanced, but there weren’t a lot of people there, so they basically had the run of the place and played on a lot of things they didn’t really understand.  To be honest, even Colleen and I were a little stumped by some of the exhibits…the Luminerium looked amazing, but I’m not exactly sure what it was supposed to do!
The water table – kids + water = surefire hit!
Another hit – The Ball Thingamajig.  Be assured that is the technical term for the machine that blows an airstream upwards, keeping the balls in the air.
It’s magic!
Abbey wearing outfit #2.  No, she’s not just into costume changes (well, she is, but we don’t normally do them in public,) but between the water table and lunch, a new shirt was needed.
One of the big kid exhibits our little kids liked was the Jam Room.  There were different instruments they could play and watch themselves on TV screens.  Check out Brendan on the drummer’s stool!  They really enjoyed the drums.  Ryan and I are working (very slowly) on a playroom in the basement.  I might have to invest in earplugs if they decide they like Ryan’s full-size drum set as much as the one in the Jam Room!
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