by Angela on April 18, 2014

snow in April I had to scrape snow and ice from my car this week.

Tile installation coincided with the season’s final — yes, I’m daring to say final — snowfall, and my car has been in the driveway for days. My hands chapped in minutes, my gloves tucked away in some corner of the house I couldn’t reach for fear of disturbing something that might eventually lead to cracked grout. Or something.

Snow fell again Monday night, and record books declared this winter the snowiest ever.

I hadn’t needed official confirmation, but now we have it, and I hope the weather fairies are finished with us this season.

I didn’t have the energy to express much indignation over this snowfall. Our contractors steadily installed cement backer board, and the tile pattern settled into place, and Dylan and I wrapped ourselves in blankets and watched Paw Patrol.

Snow muffles sound, and when the sun stays tucked behind the clouds, it muffles more than that. My finger swiped over the weather symbol on my phone, and when I saw sun in the forecast, I let that last snowfall quiet our day.

Even spring needs an intermission.

Does the weather affect your mood?

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The zoo is worth it

by Angela on April 15, 2014

Detroit Zoo Cars lined the street leading to the brick entrance. Cars snaked in a non-moving line towards the parking garage. Cars crawled through the parking lot, waiting for tired legs to pick a car on their way out of the zoo.

We went anyway.

Before we moved, our zoo was minutes away. The kids barely had time to argue about what song to listen to at maximum volume before we turned into the parking lot.

The drive is longer now, and Dylan fell asleep and missed the circling of the parking lot. Joy filled his voice when he opened his eyes to the Detroit Zoo water tower.

“We’re here! That didn’t take long at all!”

Detroit Zoo

Unable to contain her annoyance at the parking lot bingo we’d just played, Abbey reassured him that yes, actually, it had taken a long time. Undeterred, he plucked her sunglasses from the upholder when she forget them in her haste to pop out of the car.

Detroit Zoo

My fingers felt strange, clicking the locks on the car without pulling out a stroller. Water bottles and a couple of small snacks hid in my tote, but basically the three of us wandered unencumbered. Our fingers latched together as we walked, but they know now how to slip between groups, quiet “excuse me”s as they make their way towards the animals we’ve talked about seeing.

Detroit Zoo

We’ve been treading these paths since they were babies, since Abbey wore sunbonnets and bucket hats, and I pointed to things she didn’t really seem to see. Now their eyes catch things my wandering mind might miss: moved exhibits and tiny frogs tucked under leaves in the humid amphibian house.

Detroit Zoo

We had a conversation about Winky and Wanda, the elephants who used to live at the zoo, instead of simply climbing on the elephant statue between checking out the rhinos and hurrying towards the giraffes. He tired of the reasons the elephants had to leave, but her eyes searched mine, unsure if she’s understanding that the elephants needed something more than a single friend, more than the acre of land provided to them.

Big seems huge to her.

She’s just learning about how to spread out across her world, and I paused for just a moment to wonder when she’ll realize that one day she will need more than our family’s orbit to realize her dreams.

For that day, though, we walked together, glad we waited for a spot at the zoo.

Detroit Zoo

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Between busy and still

April 14, 2014

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April 9, 2014

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More than pretty

April 3, 2014

Lyrics and lines have always come easily to her; she hums tunes and acts out scenes and inserts words she knows for those she doesn’t. Most of the time she belts out songs with abandon. I’m more vigilant about the music we listen to than I used to be, and our current favorites are Kidz […]

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Climb into the time machine

April 2, 2014

My breath catches when I least expect it. She’ll be coloring, with a curtain of hair pooling on the table, and I see her baby face slipping into how she’ll look in ten years. He twisted in his chair the other day, reaching for the water dispenser on the refrigerator. Not only did his arms […]

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After six

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Fun with Disney on Ice

March 26, 2014

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The day we wore pink

March 25, 2014

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